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At the Folklore Museum of Andritsena, the visitor takes a virtual journey through time, and gets to know the tradition of the region. 

The museum, which ranks as one of the most important folklore museums in the country, is housed in a magnificent stone Mansion, and houses a huge number of very important exhibits. Many of them stand out for their rarity, they come exclusively from Andritsena and cover the period 1832-1932. 

Very impressive is the collection of men's and women's local clothing, as well as hand-made embroidery. Also on display in the museum are old photographs, period furniture and decorative items, lithographs, paintings, household utensils, and even a… Venetian barber shop.


Andritsena can be reached by road, by private car or bus. 

There is parking (not organized).

Parking available
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  • Andritsena, Ilia, Postal Code 27061
  • 6983098883
  • Construction period 1981
  • Police Department of Ilia - P.D. of Andritsena
Opening hours
  • Friday-Saturday-Sunday 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.
  • On the other days by arrangement 


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