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Kaiafas Lake-Hot Springs

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Perhaps one of the most famous medical tourism destinations in the country, Kaiafas, and the Hot Springs, which spring up in the area, attract hundreds of visitors from all over the country every year. The natural beauty of the area can hardly be described in words. The combination of forest, lake, sea, and hot springs is unique. 

The hot waters of the springs, which were known since ancient times for their healing properties, originate from the cave of the Nymphs Anigrides, where, according to legend, Dardanus, ancestor of the Trojans, was born, while another beautiful tradition attributes the medicinal property of the waters to the Nymphs who lived in the forests of the area. 

Kaiafas, of course, does not only attract visitors who want to use the natural "hammam" of the spring, but also lovers of water sports and activities, such as water skiing, as well as vacationers.

Lake Kaiafas is located in the municipality of Zacharos, an area that has been institutionalized as protected by the Natura 2000 Network.


You can go to the area by private car and bus.

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  • Kaiafas is administratively part of the Municipality of Zacharo and is located next to this town.
  • 2625 3 60306
  • Police Department of Ilia-P.D. of Zacharo


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