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Kaiafas - Zacharo - Kakovatos Beach

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In the forest, next to the lake, a heartbeat away from the hot springs, the beach Kaiafas is one of the most beautiful of the Peloponnese. Walking on the fine sand, one can admire the ruins of the only surviving Venetian fortress on the coastline of Western Greece, the Kazarmas tower.

A few kilometers further, the beach of Zacharo and Tholos, with its golden sands impress every visitor. The merge of green, with blue, dense vegetation and white lilies, create a unique natural landscape.

Following this magnificent coastline, the vacationer meets Kakovatos, the small welcoming village with its wonderful beach, which in recent years has become a top tourist destination, where the great archaeologist Arthur Evans found and bought the famous gold ring of Nestor.


You can go to Zacharo by private car and bush.
There is parking (not organized)

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