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Kourouta Beach - Palouki Beach

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The beach of Kourouta has been for many years one of the top holiday destinations of Ilia. 
Known for its beautiful beach, with its fine sand and clear blue waters, it is probably the most touristic beach in the prefecture. 

In the area you will find numerous coastal shops and restaurants, while every summer the night clubs in the area host many famous artists. Furthermore, there is a wide variety of accommodation options at the very affordable price levels.

Close to Amaliada, and just 1 km away from the popular beach of Kourouta, is Palouki, with its small charming port and its wonderful sandy beach. It is a lesser known destination, but worth visiting. 

The breeze of the Ionian sea, combined with the green environment, makes the place special. The area presents a unique natural beauty, and is suitable for visitors looking for tranquility. 

Also, it is a very good choice for those who love camping.


You can go to Arkoudi by private car.

There is parking (not organized).

Parking available
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