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Oak Forest of Foloi

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Kapeli Forest
Foloi Plateau

The forest of Foloi, one of the rarest oak forests in Europe, looks like it comes from the most dreamy fairy tale.

The name Foloi, according to mythology, comes from the king of Centaurs and a good friend of Herakles, Folos.

It is said that in the forest, which is beautiful for different reasons, every season of the year, there are 5 million trees, the majority of them oaks, and it extends within the basins of the rivers Erymanthos and Pineios. It is a rich ecosystem, which, not only has a variety of flora but also has a rich fauna.

The visitor can enjoy the natural scenery, without anything around to distract him, as the place looks to a large extent like trackless. At the same time, it is an ideal location for lovers of hiking, cycling and rare mushrooms collecting.


You can go to the area by car.

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The Environmental Museum and the Foloi Oak Forest Information Center open by prior arrangement with the Municipality of Ancient Olympia.


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