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Temple of Dormition (Fragavilla Monastery)

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Fragavilla Monastery adorns the southeast side of Amaliada, in a wonderful green location.

The former catholic Byzantine monastery of Fragavilla has both historical and architectural interest. It has stood since the 11th century, and it is the only building of the monastery complex that has been preserved, while the frescoes preserved inside the church date back to the 17th century.
Fragavilla Monastery hostes hundreds of visitors and believers every year, while there are not a few who choose the temple for the performance of the sacred mysteries of marriage and baptism.


The visit to the monastery can accessed by private car.

Parking available
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Panorama photos
  • Amaliada, Ilia, P.O. 27200
  • 2622026140
  • Construction period 11th century AD
  • Police Department of Ilia-PS. Ilida -Metropolis of Ilia - Ant.C. Ilia
Opening hours

Winter hours:

  • From morning to evening 

Summer hours:

  • From morning to evening with a break from 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon (after consultation with the pastor)


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