Temple of the Holy Trinity of Dibri

The church of the Holy Trinity is located in the village cemetery, in the district of Grustades or Upper Mahalas.
Dibri, Municipality of Olympia, Ilia P.O. 27063
2624081242, 6982772127

Temple Panagia Chrysopigi Divri or Upper Monastery or Zoodochos Pigi Monastery

Above Dibri, in the middle of a dense, fairy-tale forest, full of fir trees, it is built the Upper Monastery of Dibri - ...
Dibri, Municipality of Olympia, Ilia P.O. 27063

Church of Panagia Katholiki

The Church of Panagia Katholiki is a true jewel in the region of Gastouni.
Gastouni, Municipality of Pineios, Elis, Postal Code 27300
6937239612, 2623035684 , 2621035055

Temple of Dormition (Fragavilla Monastery)

Fragavilla Monastery adorns the southeast side of Amaliada, in a wonderful green location.
Amaliada, Ilia, P.O. 27200

Monastery of Skafidia

The Monastery of Skafidia is the oldest monastery in Elis. It is said to have been built during the Byzantine period.
Skafidia, Pyrgos, Elis - Postal Code 27150