Contracting authority

Region of Western Greece / Regional Unit of Ilia / Directorate of Development P.E. Ilias
  • NUTS code: EL 233 / OPS: 5035336
  • Postal address: Manolopoulou 47 (Diokiterio), PC 27131 Pyrgos, Greece
  • Phone: +30 26213-60480 / Fax: +30 26213-60516
  • Email: /
  • Responsible for information: Directorate of Development P.E. Ilias / Ioanna Spiliopoulou
  • General address on the internet (URL):

Scope of the project

The creation of an online platform for viewing and promoting the cultural stock of the wider region, which is based on Destination Management System technologies and is a modern means of highlighting the archaeological monuments, the cultural wealth, the tourist infrastructure and the attractions of the P.E. . Ilias through an integrated system with a specially configured interface environment.

With the development of the final destination management online platform, technologically advanced services are provided to citizens and potential visitors with the aim of informing them about the most important points of tourist interest, their comprehensive service and their active participation in the creation of a collection of digital content with historical sequence or thematic association thus illustrating the historical development and the interest of citizens/visitors regarding the important points of the area.

Through the platform and the services provided, the visitor can:

  • To browse the history and monuments of the area. The tour is accompanied by photos, texts, videos, audio documents, maps, etc.
  • Browse by topic (monuments, tradition, folklore, events, etc.). During his tour he may, among other things, come into contact with:
    • Selected points of cultural interest e.g. museums and monuments through 360° panoramic photos of the above mentioned places
    • Historical file available at the P. E. Ilias
    • Material available at the local Ephorates of Antiquities
    • Historical maps
    • Additional cultural material
  • To have access to the cultural wealth but also to the modern image of the region, through advanced multimedia presentation applications. More specifically:
    • High resolution photos
    • 360° virtual tours
    • 3D representations
  • To contribute to the enrichment of the Online Platform with content that he will create and upload to it
  • To be informed about events happening in P.E. Ilias
  • To be informed and to comment or rate content uploaded by other visitors etc.
  • Presentation of proposed tourist itineraries, through interactive maps with detailed presentation of each point of the route, the way of transition from one point to another, but also overall information about the route such as duration, description, etc.
  • Electronic calendar service, in the context of which all the important dates related to the system (holidays, important events, celebrations and sports events in the Region) are displayed in an electronic calendar
  • Management of Rich Multimedia content highlighting areas
  • Integration of statistical analysis tools and qualitative research of traffic, trends and end-user opinions
  • Development of personalized and augmented information delivery applications via mobile phone