This information system constitutes the implementation of a Destination Management System (Destination Management System) with a special field of application, the management and promotion of tourism, in the area of ​​the Katakolou-Ancient Olympia axis.

The websites that are used today for the tourist promotion of Greek destinations both locally, regionally and nationally - they only use a few of the possibilities offered by the internet for dynamic tourist promotion. Corresponding foreign websites not only offer an incomparably greater amount of information that is constantly updated and based on high-quality texts, but also act as integrated commercial platforms for the benefit of local tourism businesses.

Through these official websites of Municipalities, Prefectures and National Tourism Organizations a visitor can plan every aspect of their trip and pre-purchase a host of tourism services – from a hotel room to a concert ticket. This great difference in terms of the extent, quality and functionality of the online presentation between Greek and many foreign tourist destinations lies both in the way the competent bodies and organizations are organized and in the design of the technological platform that supports each website.

Even small tourist destinations in European countries have now adopted so-called Destination Management Systems (DMS) and have adapted – due to the great advantages they have – the operation of local tourism organizations to the requirements of these systems. The result of the consolidated trend in Europe to replace first and second generation websites with integrated BMS is the possibility of effectively approaching the global tourism market with limited funds as well as the more economical operation of local, regional or national tourism organizations.

The SDP offers a multitude of tools for the dynamic promotion and promotion of a destination in the Greek and international tourism market and, thanks to its flexible design, can be adapted to the particularities and requirements of small and large destinations regardless of geographical scope.

The Destination Management System or DMS (from the English term Destination Management System or DMS) is not just a website. It is the only proven online platform that allows the complete presentation of a destination on the internet.

The development of a BMS is essentially a developmental investment that will benefit the destination as a whole and radically improve the access of local tourism businesses to the national and international tourism market.