Essentially involved and benefiting are:

  • Tourists: They can easily plan every aspect of their trip to the destination, compare products and prices and satisfy even their most specialized tourist motivation and interest.
  • The local authorities and bodies of a destination: The BMP is a first-class tool for a local body to exercise its development policy with very direct and tangible benefits for businesses and workers in the area. The BMS equally highlights both the more and less well-known tourist areas of a destination, while facilitating all sectors of the local economy to derive income from tourism. Local authorities and agencies also benefit from the low cost as well as the limited time required for the destination to have a fully operational BMS.
  • Overall the destination: The benefits of a properly set up BMP are spread more widely in the local economy, since it encourages e.g. the sale of local products to visitors to the area. It also facilitates dealing with seasonality by lengthening tourism