According to the specifications of the project announcement, the project is part of a more comprehensive strategy of the Region of Western Greece, which aims to strengthen its ties with society, utilizing - among other things - the possibilities of new technology.

The project aims to highlight, promote and widely disseminate with innovative integrated digital experiential and social services the cultural identity, role and heritage in the global community, through the utilization of information and communication technologies.

The ultimate goal of the project is:

  • the creation of a special tourist identity based on the rich natural and cultural resources of the wider area of ​​influence of Ancient Olympia
  • the creation of poles and axes of combined interest at urban and regional level
  • the integration of the Region's tourist and cultural resources into a single promotion and promotion network
  • the creation essentially of a distinct, international scope and rechristened Tourist and Cultural destination

Through the project, the existing operating model will be significantly strengthened with specially designed integrated digital services for all, which are expected to act multiplyingly in terms of the promotion and highlighting of the valuable cultural heritage, as well as providing a wider, better and more thorough diffusion of it in the public.

The benefits of the project are multiple and concern:

  • In highlighting the historical and cultural wealth of the region and strengthening its utilization,
  • In the cultural promotion and strengthening of the cultural product through the offer of innovative value-added services,
  • In the cultural education of young people, through a pioneering action using new digital technology